Certified Professional Maintenance Manager

Plant and facilities maintenance professionals today must confront a wider variety of complex issues than ever before and therefore must possess an extensive knowledge of the many facets of maintenance management. Earning the Certified Professional Maintenance Manager credential will clearly validate to both your employer and industry officials that you possess in-depth expertise in plant and facilities maintenance management. The CPMM program will also help you remain current with the evolving techniques and technologies in maintenance management.

To get complete information on your eligibility for the CPMM, the application and testing process and materials, the schedule of CPMM Review Programs and Exams and test results, contact the Certification Representative in the AFE Office of Professional Development at (571) 203-7238 or certification@afe.org. You may also find more information by following these links:

CPMM Frequently Asked Questions
Eligibility Matrix
CPMM Recertification Application
CPMM Recertification Guidelines
Employment Verification
CPMM Review Program
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