Certified Plant Supervisor

Basic supervision is the foundational rung of your professional development ladder. AFE thought of that in creating its Certified Plant Supervisor (CPS) Program. It was developed to give you the credential you need, demonstrating your preparedness and/or proficiency in the world of first-line supervision. The CPS review program has been designed for the supervisory professional or those aspiring to fill the ranks of supervision. Our uniquely designed curricula guide you through the most relevant materials to ensure maximum retention for the plant/facility supervisor. Basic supervision requires individuals understand and can exhibit what to do in the face of change, effective communication skills, how to empower employees, and how to enable them to develop the confidence to overcome the daily challenges they face. Each of the sessions will review the general principles for a first-line supervisor discipline as addressed on the exam, with an opportunity to work through sample questions with instructors. Sessions are designed to be interactive; questions are encouraged.

To get complete information on your eligibility for the CPS, how to apply, how to obtain the official CPS review booklet, and when and where the next CPS Review Programs and Exams will take place, contact AFE at (571) 203-7238 or info@afe.org.

For Certification paperwork and test results, please contact AFE at (571) 203-7238 or info@afe.org.

CPS Frequently Asked Questions
Eligibility Matrix
CPS Recertification Application
CPS Recertification Guidelines
CPS Review Program
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