The KEES Program

To get complete information about Professional Development, contact Gabriella Rosales at (571) 203-7238 or

The KEES (Knowledge, Education, Experience, and Support) program is designed to provide support for individuals who want additional help with certification related topics. By becoming a KEES representative, you agree to provide one-to-one tutoring, or peer-mentoring, for others who want to obtain the recognition and opportunities you received through AFE certification.

Certificants participating in the program will receive a maximum of one (1.0) recertification credit

To participate in this program, you must:

If you are a prospective certificant in need of peer mentoring support, from a KEES representative, refer to the list of currently active representatives below.

Current KEES Representatives

Participant Topic Email
Robert Dikes
CPMM - Safety
Mark Everson
CPE - Electrical Engineering
Randey Bloom
CPS - Leadership/Motivation or CPMM - Maintenance Management
Christopher Berndt
CPMM - Maintenance Management
Michael Coppinger
CPS - All Topics or CPMM - Preventive Maintenance
Carl Dodson
CPE - All Topics
Don Blair
CPE - OSHA Safety
Kate Kerrigan
CPMM - All Topics
John Thames
CPMM - All Topics
George Horn
CPMM - Maintenance Management
Zhensin Yin
CPE - All Topics


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