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Certified Plant Engineer


The ranks of CPE's include over 4,000 strong and growing. CPEs are filled with success stories of job promotions, substantial pay raises and exciting new career opportunities as a direct result of becoming a CPE;. There is simply no better way to demonstrate your expertise in all areas of plant/facilities engineering than becoming a CPE.



  • To provide a standard of professional competence in the plant/facilities engineering and management field
  • To identify and recognize those individuals who, by passing an examination and/or fulfilling requirements of experience, responsibility and conduct, meet that standard
  • To encourage plant/facilities engineering and management professionals to participate in a continuing program of personal and professional development
  • To stimulate and provide a standard for the development of educational curricula and degree program for plant/facilities engineering and management professionals
  • To enhance the status of plant/facilities engineering and management as a unique discipline and profession by demonstrating that a realistic standard of professional competence can be clearly defined

Core Competencies


Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning + Refrigeration (HVAC&R)

Environmental Engineering

Controls & Instrumentation




OSHA Safety


New CPE Applicants
                CPE Renewals

                 CPE Renewal Application
Eligibility Matrix

                 CPE Renewal Guidelines
CPE In Person Review Program

CPE Application                  



To get complete information on your eligibility for the CPE, how to apply, how to obtain the official CPE review booklet, and when and where the next CPE Review Programs and Exams will take place, contact AFE at (571) 395-8777 or

For Certification paperwork and test results, please contact AFE at (571) 395-8777 or