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The Facility Energy Analyst, or FEA, is an exclusive AFE platform; that uses a Department of Energy program for Energy Charting and Metrics or ECAM+ as the main component for the Certified Facility Energy Analyst lab program. All facilities conduct energy audits within their respective buildings. However, what’s next? How do we monitor and maintain the corrections we have made from the audits we have conducted? How do we even know what to correct? Facility professionals need a way to conduct a check-up of their building(s), whether monthly, quarterly, annually or anytime.

ECAM+ is a Microsoft Excel-based tool that facilitates the examination of energy information from buildings, and ultimately reduces the time spent analyzing utility meter data and system operational data. Designed for Building Owners, Energy Managers, Energy Consultants, Facility Managers, and Energy Efficiency Program Managers, ECAM+ is public domain software that you can download and use at no cost. Simply register on the AFE website, and we will provide free access to the software, user guides, and data import specifications.

ECAM+ (Energy Charting and Metrics) makes extensive use of Excel pivot tables. Some key features of ECAM+ include:

Creation of charts to help re-tuning
Creation of schedules and day-type information to time series data
Filtering data from months, years, days, day-type, day of week, day of month, occupancy, temperature binned weather data, pre/post comparisons after retrofits or retro-commissioning; normalizing data
Creating metrics based on consumption or equipment; and the creation of various load profiles or scatter charts for data selected by the user.

2015 National Headquarters

January 12-15
Non-member fee         $1,395
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