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Twin Cities



AFE’s roots date back to 1915 when a group of plant engineers in the Boston, MA area gathered to form an organization called The Plant Engineers Club. During the early formative years, members met regularly to exchange ideas, make plant visitations and voluntarily served on various technical committees, to generally resolve day to day operating problems. The organization helped them to exchange ideas, and provide a forum to discuss common problems and therefore served a very useful purpose. The club grew its members, formed chapters, and established a national governing body. Its name changed several times from THE ENGINEERING SOCIETIES OF BOSTON to AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PLANT ENGINEERS and finally to ASSOCIATION FOR FACILITIES ENGINEERING (AFE).

AFE Twin Cities Chapter 13 was formed by Dwain C. Bell and Bill Angell in 1954. Dwain and Bill were Plant Engineers with Seegar Refrigeration (now Whirlpool) and saw a need to form a group of like minded engineers to share industry practices. Several groups of facility engineers and suppliers gathered that summer to begin the writing of the “Constitution” now referred to as the “Bylaws.”

The first Executive Board of Directors was formed and included the following charter members: Paul Bowman, President;  Art Born, 1st Vice President;  Russ Carpenter, 2nd Vice President;  Bernie Robichaud, Secretary;  Robert Kaeli, Treasurer. The first member meeting was held in October 1954 at Jax Café. A total of 18 members attended.


Title Name Email
Chapter President            Matthew Ruetten         
Chapter Past President Ann Petrick
Chapter Vice President Jesse Weber
Chapter Secretary Matt Fox
Chapter Treasurer Bryant Holmstrom
Chapter Membership Chair