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About Us

Who are we? The Association of Facilities Engineering (AFE) is an organization of facilities directors, owners, and operators as well as dedicated professionals of varied contractors that understand the complexities of our new and aged buildings. We are an organization that is based around sharing information about facilities design, operations, and challenges that face each of our organizations. We are an organization that is centered around networking!

As the newest local chapter, launching in early 2014, AFE Maine Chapter 119 is looking to schedule facility tours and meetings. Once we get started, we plan on meeting the same time every month (scheduling to be determined). We will start our meetings at approximately 5:30 PM, conduct the tour, then continue our networking over dinner. We hope to go behind the scenes of many of the most prestigious and diverse facilities within our great state. We plan to include speakers and technical presentations for some of our events, helping us to learn how to navigate the most challenging demands we face as facilities professionals.

AFE Maine joins a strong network of chapters across AFE New England Region 8. Our local chapters in neighboring New England states strive to provide the leadership, educational materials, training and certifications so you can stay technically ahead of the rest. In fact, the Association for Facilities Engineering, our national association, got its start in Boston before growing to the global group it is today. With the launch of our revitalized chapter, we are proud to have Maine represented.



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