September Webinar

Date: September 23
Time: 3pm eastern
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Presenter: T.J. Garten

Topic: Multiple Technology Monitoring on HVAC Systems


Current versions of facility HVAC systems offer opportunities for utilizing multiple Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Technologies, such as vibration, thermography, ultrasound, and motor circuit analysis. Through multiple technology use, ensuring and maintaining operating costs, improved energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs can be achieved.


T.J. is currently the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Electrical and Energy deliverables for Allied Reliability Group (ARG) and is tasked with the continuous improvement of standards, procedures, and training for the Electrical deliverable within ARG. T.J. has worked in the electrical contracting industry since 1991. He has an extensive background in electrical system design, motor controls, and reliability testing, including IR thermography, MCA, power quality, grounding, and ultrasound.

Prior to joining ARG, T.J. worked for an electrical contractor where he developed reliability services, estimated and managed industrial and commercial projects, and performed cost analysis. He has experience in the food processing, metals, chemical, lumber, and wastewater industries and has helped several companies develop internal reliability programs that integrate numerous technologies for the best returns on their investment. During this time, T.J. assisted with accessing, specifying, installing, and applying electrical Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) technologies to AC, DC, and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) systems. He has developed technical analysis presentations on VFDs, low voltage AC motors, electrical circuits, power quality, and understanding current manufacturing techniques of motors and VFDs. He has also assisted with the development of training programs for Thermography Applications and Motor Circuit Analysis Testing. T.J. holds a Level III certification in Infrared Thermal Testing and Level II certifications in Motor Circuit Analysis and Ultrasound Emissions. He is currently working toward the ASNT Basic PdM Level III IR/T certification and a Level I certification in Vibration Analysis. He has recently attended several conferences on AC and DC motors, MCA, and Ultrasound Emissions Analysis.

T.J. and his family reside in Raleigh, NC. He enjoys spending relaxing time camping with his wife, two daughters, and son. He also enjoys working with both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts.

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