February Webinar

Date: February 11
Time: 1:30-2:30PM Eastern

Impact of Duct Leakage and Energy Savings Opportunities Using Aeroseal Technology

Bobby Seals, Aeroseal Director, Commercial Market
Matt Diepenbrock, Consultant/Specifying Engineer who has specified Aeroseal for several projects
Tony Furst, Mavo Systems, Service Provider/Engineer who has used the technology

Typical ductwork systems lose 25-40% of heating and cooling energy and newly installed systems experience 10-30% of leakage (per Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory). Join a panel of energy experts and engineers for a first-hand discussion of just how much air is lost through leaking ductwork. We’ll also show facility engineers how to save energy costs on commercial buildings and installations using the Aeroseal technology.

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March Webinar

Date: March 17
Time: 3:30pm eastern
Cost: Free for Members       $99 for Non-members
Presenter: Joel Goldberg

Topic: Communication Skills for Engineers

"I have a great engineer but he (or she) just can't talk to people!" In more than thirty years of consulting, I have heard this over and over again from my clients. I have coached many engineers, helping them to communicate more effectively with peers, customers, direct reports, and senior managers. This webinar will provide specific strategies, approaches, and techniques to help you strengthen your communication skills. What role do perceptions play in communicating? How can you use questions to enhance your communications? Why are non-verbal skills so important? What are the elements of effective listening? What are the key things to remember about e-mail? The webinar will focus on these and other important communication questions. Communication is the foundation for everything that happens in the workplace. Attending this webinar will help you be the best communicator you can be!

Joel A. Goldberg is the founder and President of Management Development Systems, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in management and leadership coaching and training, organization development, and team building. Mr. Goldberg started MDS in 1985. MDS clients have included Merck & Co., Inc. (since 1986), Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Johnson Controls Inc., and Grand View Hospital. Mr. Goldberg has spoken and written extensively on management and leadership and is the Editor-In-Chief of Management Matters.

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