November Webinar

Date: November 11
Time: 3pm eastern
Cost: Free for Members   $99 for Non-members
Presenter: Don Fitchett

Topic: What is a PLC, and why should I care?


A PLC introduction for non-technical personnel.

Don will explain in the most simplest of terms what a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is and the very critical reasons Facility and Maintenance Managers need to know these basics. The PLC will be explain on a highschool level and will progress to minimum training requirements, associated risk and managing your facility’s automation. (As much as possible within an hour.) For those who want to know more, Don will provide those who request it additional resources.


Don Fitchett — President of Business Industrial Network ( since September 1995

Don has been in the industrial training sector for over two decades, setting up training programs around the world, and still conducts some of the training seminars to this day. He specializes in Allen Bradley PLCs. Don Fitchett also founded the activity based costing system called "True Downtime Cost" (TDC) , author "True Downtime Cost Analysis - 2nd Edition" and speaks at conventions on the topic and is president of BIN. Don is also author of many articles in trade magazines like Chemical Engineering Magazine, Facilities Engineering Journal, Industrial Engineering Magazine and many more.

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Information: email or call 571.203.7171.

December Webinar

Date: December 9
Time: 3pm Eastern
Cost: Free for Members       $99 for Non-members
Presenter: Ricky Smith, CPMM, CMRP

Topic: "Known Best Practices in Maintenance Planning and Scheduling"

This webinar will focus on known Best Practices in Maintenance Planning and Scheduling. A properly designed and executed Planning and Scheduling process can be one of the most effective means available to increase wrench time and optimize asset reliability. An explanation of the PF Curve and how it assist in optimizing work management will be a highlight of this webinar.

One key objectives of any Planning and Scheduling Process should be to eliminate delays in the maintenance process and minimize impact to operations at the lowest cost.

Invite others to join this exciting webinar. This will be a fast 50 minutes with a 10 minute question and answer period at the end so please bring your questions.

Ricky Smith has over 30 years in Maintenance and Reliability at all levels in Industry worldwide and US Army. He is the past owner of international training and consulting company and later as Senior VP, Global Principal Advisor - Reliability Engineering for large mining company, facilities investigator for Secretary of Defense and facilities advisor for US Army Medical Action Plan for US Army Surgeon General. He spent one year as a Direct Support Company Commander in Iraq. Ricky is author and co-author of numerous books on maintenance and reliability management, reliability engineering, technical equipment solutions, lean maintenance, etc. In early years he worked as maintenance technician, supervisor and maintenance manager, and maintenance engineer.

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