April Webinar

Date: April 22
Time: 3pm eastern
Cost: Free for Members   $99 for Non-members
Presenter: Brendan Shine

Topic: Facility Management from a European Perspective


Topics will include

  1. Overview of Facilities Management.
  2. Health, Safety & Environment.
  3. Project Management.
  4. Maintenance Strategies Management.
  5. Building Maintenance & Property Management.
  6. Fault Finding Diagnostic Management.
  7. Energy Management.
  8. Accounting & Energy Budgetary Management.
  9. Contracts & Procurement Management.
  10. Knowledge Management & People Skills.

Bio: Brendan Shine has over 30 years' experience (including electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic qualifications) in the engineering industry. He qualified as an industrial electrician in 1984, from there moved into a maintenance and operational role for many years which involved maintenance and operations of all on site equipment, then in 1992 moved into the calibration and industrial automation side. Returned to college in 1998 and qualified as an electrical engineer and moved into a project engineering role in a technical services division. He is currently employed as the Maintenance and Facilities Manager of a very large and successful pharmaceutical company who have been in business for over 37 years. He is the author of two books:

  1. A Guide to Good Engineering Safety, Troubleshooting, Fault finding & Maintenance Practices. (2009)
  2. Maintenance and Facilities Management. (2011)

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May Webinar

Date: Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Time: 3:00-4:00PM Eastern

Presenter: Wayne Saya
Cost: Free for Members     $99 for Non-members

Topic: The Art of Understanding Your Building's Personality


Interpreting the mechanics of a building –how a building operates and breathes, thinks and ultimately survives — is an art only a few actually understand. Misunderstood by most is its method of operation which defines its personality. A building is maintained to sustain, but if you are not fully aware of its systems, you will not know the art of understanding your building's personality.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify how energy performance is tied from the building automation system to all of the major mechanical components of a building.
  2. Review the process that interconnects your maintenance procedures with best practices of sustainable buildings
  3. State twelve basic principles of facility maintenance and engineering
  4. Understand how to personality profile your facility by tying together the twelve basic principles of facilities maintenance and engineering

Wayne is the former President and current Executive Director for the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE), and has been a member of AFE since 1991 when it was previously recognized as the American Institute of Plant Engineers (AIPE).


Prior to taking the position of AFE's Executive Director, Wayne's career has incorporated key positions with well-known companies and organizations, beginning with his most recent private company employment as director of technical operations for UGL Services (Now DTZ), and Unicco Government Services. Wayne has been an engineering executive for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (Boston and Washington, DC), and the Fairmont Hotel Company. In the eighties and early nineties Wayne directed the engineering oversight for a number of high rise office buildings for Whittier Partners (now CBRE), in Boston, Massachusetts. However, Wayne's expertise has always been in energy analytics. It is his deeply rooted understanding in the variety of energy calculation that provided Wayne with his vision of how all building components seamlessly work together.

As a pioneer in early micro-circuit technology, Wayne holds United States Patent No 4,234,874 as the inventor of one of the first wireless alarm systems incorporating frequency-hopping (jam proofing) technology. In the 1970s, this technology made an alarm or security signal virtually jam proof. Wayne worked on a number of projects incorporating signal jam proofing technology. In the late 1970's Wayne was an electronics design engineer for the ISD Corporation of Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. While in his twenties and invited as part of a research & development project sponsored by the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wayne designed and patented one of the Country's first wireless jam-proof technologies for very high frequency (VHF) use of alarm systems and transmitting devices; Super High Frequency (SHF) for satellite application, and is currently a member of the United Inventors Association.

Offering an all-around knowledge base within all faucets of building operations and engineering, Wayne's career growth of over 30 years experience has included the maintenance and engineering management of first class high rise office and retail buildings, strategic data centers, higher education (including campus power plants), Biomedical & Bio-pharm research facilities, Pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing plants and Acute Care Hospitals with JCAHO compliance.

Licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the installation and repair of HVAC systems, Wayne resides with his wife Nancy; daughter (Melynee), a fourth year med-student at Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI, and his son (Wayne, Jr), now a member of the class of 2017 at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.

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June Webinar

Date: June
Time: 3pm eastern
Cost: Free for Members     $99 for Non-members
Presenter: Kate Kerrigan

Topic: Effective inspection rounds.


What does it take to build a good route?
Inspection or preventive maintenance routes are often the backbone around which we build our reliability programs. This session will cover how to build a route to get consistent asset health reading by every qualified person who runs it.


Kate Kerrigan is an experienced operations director for Allied Reliability Group. She has been a leader with Association of Facilities Engineers (AFE). Kate specializes in maintenance and reliability management. She has depth of experience implementing sustainable Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM) and lean manufacturing systems. Maximizing company assets above all is her mission.

Information: email or call 571.203.7171.