Certified Plant Engineer (CPE)

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1 : A pneumatic liquid level transducer has a zero value of 5 ft., a span of 10 ft., and a 3-15 psi output. What is the range of coverage (lower limit to upper limit) in feet?
a. 0 to 10 ft
b. 5 to 10 ft
c. 5 to 15 ft
d. -5 to 10 ft

2 : Which term describes the ratio of the change of output signal of an instrument to the change in the measured variable?
a. Accuracy
b. Precision
c. Sensitivity
d. Resolution

3 : Weep holes are used on concrete retaining walls to:
a. Reduce hydrostatic pressure
b. Provide crack control
c. Eliminate waterproofing membranes
d. Prevent weeping

4 : A soil with a 20% swell factor is excavated for a building foundation. 36 full truck loads are required to remove the soil from the site. Each truck has the capacity of 28 cu yd loose-measured. How many cu yds of soil will be excavated?
a. 766 cu yd
b. 840 cu yd
c. 930 cu yd
d. 1008 cu yd

5 : The compound amount, of a series of six $2000 year-end payments at 8% interest, six years from now would be:
a. $14,672
b. $43,400
c. $45,200
d. $16,475

6 : What amount will $2000 invested at 8% provide for six equal year-end payments?
a. $463.20
b. $317.40
c. $432.60
d. $126.20

7 : The ampacity of capacitor circuit conductor shall not be less than _________ of the rated current of the capacitor.
a. 100%
b. 115%
c. 135%
d. 150%

8 : A machine shop is planning to replace existing fixtures with new, to ensure an average maintained illumination level of 100 foot-candles. Below is information concerning the area to be covered:
Size: 100 feet x 50 feet
Coefficient of utilization: 0.60
Light loss factor: 0.75

How many fixtures will be required for the installation if the fixtures use two, 215 watt, T-12, 96-inch cool white lamps with an output of 15,000 lumens?
a. 32
b. 34
c. 37
d. 40

9 : A 100 hp fan is driven by a motor which is 75% efficient. Calculate the annual savings if the motor is replaced by a unit with 90% efficiency. Assume operating hours of 8000 annually and an electrical energy cost of $0.05/kWh.
a. $5280/yr
b. $4240/yr
c. $6631/yr
d. $7340/yr

10 : Electrical energy is being considered to melt snow from a sidewalk 500 feet long and six feet wide. At $0.06/kWh, what would be the cost of melting six inches of snow? (Assume: weight of snow = 10 lbs per cubic foot; temperature = 32° F; and the efficiency of the melting system = 50%).
a. $60
b. $46
c. $100
d. $76

11 : The EPA currently lists 450 wastes and waste streams generated by industries. Which of the following industries generates spent electroplating wastes?
a. Printing industry
b. Chemical manufacturers
c. Metal manufacturing industry
d. Vehicle maintenance shop

12 : How many years do Toxic Substances Control Act, 1976 (TSCA) records have to be maintained for adverse health effects?
a. 3 years
b. 5 years
c. 10 years
d. 30 years

13 : A fan for an air conditioning system takes in outside air at 85° F with a relative humidity of 70%. The air exiting the air conditioner has an outlet temperature of 62° F and a relative humidity of 90%. From a psychrometric chart, determine how much moisture has been removed from one pound of air.
a. 14.2 gr/lb
b. 16.0 gr/lb
c. 52.0 gr/lb
d. 87.0 gr/lb

14 : Given a fan with a flow rate of 10,000 cfm, water pressure of 2 in. water, and a 5 hp motor, what would be the calculated efficiency for the system?
a. 0.32
b. 0.63
c. 1.45
d. 7.56

15 : There are a number of tools that can be used in establishing maintenance work standards. From the following, choose the one which LEAST applies:
a. Methods-Time Measurement procedure
b. Engineering Performance Standards
c. Using the plant’s historical equipment repair records
d. Seeking advice from individuals in other companies

16 : When conducting a work sampling of a maintenance crew, you are trying to find:
a. If they are working satisfactorily
b. How much work can be placed on backlog
c. The percentage of time they are working over the time they are idle
d. The degree to which they can do the work better in the future

17 : If the inclined plane in the previous problem had a coefficient of friction of 0.4, how much work would occur to raise the block?
a. 1159 ft-lb
b. 1427 ft-lb
c. 2659 ft-lb
d. 2586 ft-lb

18 : A drive shaft is turning at 1200 rpm and carrying a torque of 20 ft-lbf. How much power is the shaft delivering?
a. 0.72 hp
b. 1.22 hp
c. 2.49 hp
d. 4.57 hp

19 : A serious procedural problem develops in your office. In your solution of this problem, the first step to take is to:
a. Select the personnel to assist you
b. Analyze your problem
c. Devise the best method of research
d. Develop an outline of your report

20 : Three leadership styles include:
a. Egotistical, dictatorial, and charismatic
b. Micro manager, macro manager, and absentee
c. Team leader, supervisor, and director
d. Autocratic, democratic, and laissez faire

21 : OSHA regulates exposure to lead under Regulation 1910.1. At what level intervention is required if lead is detected in the air?
a. Lead level is grater than 30 micrograms per cubic meter of air
b. Lead level is less than 30 micrograms per cubic meter of air
c. Lead level is 20 micrograms per cubic feet of air
d. Lead level is 100 micrograms per cubic feet

22 : According to OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), all employers are required to post Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) form___________________.
a. In a training class room
b. In an office room
c. In a location accessible to all employees
d. At the job site