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Are you AFE Certified?

Published on 11/9/2018

For more than three decades of our 105 years, the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) has provided three certification programs tailored for professionals working in the built environment:

  • Certified Plant Engineer (CPE)
  • Certified Professional Supervisor (CPS)
  • Certified Professional Supervisor (CPS) en Español (starting in December)
  • Certified Professional Maintenance Manager (CPMM)

These certifications offer a wide array of training that will increase your aptitude and abilities as a leader. But this isn’t the only reason to get AFE certified. In this increasingly competitive job market, employers seek those who stand out from the crowd. By earning a certification, you signal not only the knowledge that you possess but also the time, energy, and effort that you are willing to invest in yourself.

A certification enhances your reputation, credibility, and overall accelerates growth within your current workplace. More than 80% AFE certificate holders are executives and decision makers! Improve your earning potential, upward-mobility, and knowledge. AFE is here to help you along the way. Start unlocking your limitless potential with AFE certifications!

Go ahead, don’t just land a job, get the job.

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