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Ronald C. Anderson, a veteran of Illinois schools, is the AFE President and Chairman

Published on 1/13/2022

Ron Anderson

Following a history of making an impact on school districts in Illinois, Ronald C. Anderson, CPMM, CSBO is taking the helm as AFE’s new National President and Chairman of the board for 2022. He serves as the Executive Director of Operations for Oak Park and River Forest High School District 200 in Oak Park, Illinois. He has been with Oak Park for the past two years but has 15 years of experience as an operations manager.

Anderson also is the Chairman of the Illinois Association of School Business Officials (IASBO) Planning and Construction Professional Development Committee.

 The Chairman’s top three goals for AFE this year include:

  1. Successfully rolling out the Boiler Essentials Level 1 & Level 2 courses
  2. Launching AFE’s new services, which will provide both custom training modules across various industries and a virtual reality experience for all of our existing credentialing and professional development programs
  3. Developing resources focused on automation, robotics, and other Smart Building and FM technology delivered through our learning management system.

 An AFE member since 2015, Anderson has always recruited new members since joining the organization. He believes these are the three most important aspects of his membership:

  1. Networking with industry professionals
  2. Continuous professional development
  3. Obtaining credentials from an international organization that is recognized worldwide

When he’s not enjoying his hobbies of traveling and fishing, Anderson is serving as a member of the:

  • West 40 Facilities Managers Group
  • South Cook Facilities Managers Group
  • Illinois Association of School Business Officials (IASBO)
  • Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO International)
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Credentials are very important to Anderson, and he has pursued many in his career path. Ronald is a Certified Professional Maintenance Manager (CPMM), Certified Professional Supervisor (CPS), holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA),  Masters in Project Management (MPM), Bachlors in Computer Information Systems (CIS), Chief School Business Official (CSBO) Administrative Certification. He also is a South Cook • Certified State (IL) Health and Life Safety Building Inspector and has the Illinois Association of School Business Officials (IASBO) Facilities Operations Certificate.

The top five industry credentials he recommends for engineers and facilities executives/managers are:

  1. CPMM
  2. CPS
  3. CPE
  4. Boiler Essentials Level 1 & Level 2
  5. ProFM 


The 2022 executive committee of the AFE includes


Ronald C. Anderson, President and Chairman

A.C. Powell, Executive Director & CEO

Esther K. Walker, President-Elect

Adam Kilburn, Vice Chair, Finance

Larson Wood, Vice Chair, Membership